Monthly Coaching Service

Get immediate support for your unique homeschooling challenges

Weekly 1-hour calls

Support for your biggest problem areas

You choose the focus of each call

Homeschooling shouldn’t be a struggle

It’s easy to feel stressed, anxious, and afraid that your child is suffering or isn’t learning enough when your daily homeschooling isn’t going well.

When kids refuse to do homeschooling assignments, what was meant to be a loving experience becomes a power struggle with tears and negative consequences.

Turn homeschooling into an amazing experience for everyone

Monthly Coaching offers support with:

Monthly Coaching includes:

Getting the help you need is easy!

Enjoy homeschooling your child without tears and power struggles

Knowing that we have one hour to talk every week, and knowing that I’m available by email or on Facebook in between calls, means never feeling alone with the weight of your child’s education on your shoulders!


There were a lot of days that everybody cried and I contacted Afsaneh… She was amazing in listening to my struggles, she gave me ideas on how to integrate the educational experience that we wanted to have in our everyday lives and then we would all be happier about the experience.”

– Ellen Elmore

I have a son who is on the spectrum…we were having one [homeschooling] crisis after another. Afsaneh taught me how to integrate learning and his interests, it changed our lives. Tantrums and family fights stopped when I started working with Afsaneh, our family dynamic is now more cooperative, loving and fun.”

– Kim Rabuck