The CPC Method

An 1:1 coaching program that gives you a framework to Communicate. Plan. Connect! In just 8 weeks homeschooling becomes full of collaboration and meaningful learning instead of resistance, power struggles, and meltdowns.

You decided to homeschool because you wanted to give your unique child a learning experience that fits their specific needs.

You want your child to learn more than could elsewhere in a loving, supportive environment…and you want to enjoy the learning process and feel connected to your child. 

Nothing in life has prepared you for homeschooling your unique child. Our neurodivergent and unique kids have their own way of experiencing the world and processing information, so open-and-go curriculum isn’t going to be enough.

I developed the CPC Method to help myself when I was struggling with homeschooling. Now I use this framework to help homeschooling moms like you. 

The CPC Method Coaching Program gives you the personalized, individual support you need to discover how to tweak your communication and planning, so you can have the homeschooling experience you had hoped for – full of learning and connection. 

Once you know the Communicate. Plan. Connect! framework, you can apply it to homeschooling your family for years to come.  

The CPC Method 1:1 Coaching Program is for you if:

The CPC Method  is NOT for you if:

What can you expect with the CPC Method Coaching Program:

During our 8 weeks working together, we’ll look at how to communicate to keep your homeschooler regulated and able to learn, how to create learning experiences that your homeschooler will want to engage in, and we’ll make changes to your homeschooling practice so that your needs are being met and you enjoy homeschooling.

We’ll do this work through:

Inside the CPC Method Coaching Program

Here are some of the results moms have experienced:

There were a lot of days that everybody cried and I contacted Afsaneh… She was amazing in listening to my struggles, she gave me ideas on how to integrate the educational experience that we wanted to have in our everyday lives and then we would all be happier about the experience.”

– Ellen Elmore

I have a son who is on the spectrum…we were having one [homeschooling] crisis after another. Afsaneh taught me how to integrate learning and his interests, it changed our lives. Tantrums and family fights stopped when I started working with Afsaneh, our family dynamic is now more cooperative, loving and fun.”

– Kim Rabuck

To make sure the CPC Method Coaching Program is the right fit for you, this is an application only experience. Completing the application doesn’t obligate you to anything. The investment is only $2,000. Payment plan options are available.

Who Am I again?

I am a children’s author with over 20 years of experience as an educator. I have taught hundreds of students from preschool to graduate school, including many neurodiverse and high-needs learners. I’ve trained teachers, written curriculum for K-12, and created programs for universities.

Now as a homeschooling mom of a high-needs child myself, I understand the pressure and how challenging it can be. When not using my expertise in teaching and knowledge as a PhD candidate in Education, to support others in getting Curious about learning, you’ll find me walking at the foot of the beautiful mountains near the home I share with my husband and now happy, curious and confident kid.