How Movement Can Support Learning for Neurodivergent Children with Kim Wilson

About Kim Wilson

Kim is the owner and founder of Nature’s Path Occupational Therapy. An alternative treatment model that provides skilled occupational therapy services for children ages 0-16 outdoors in nature. She has been an occupational therapist for 17 years and has a passion for helping to unlock the God-given potential of each child.

Free Resource

Proprioceptive Activities at Home:

When we think of movement, we often think of just the physical portions of movement. Providing movement opportunities for our children is much more than just physical activity. It is an opportunity to provide valuable sensory input to our children’s central nervous systems. We must begin to view movement through the lens of sensory opportunities. Proprioceptive input is a valuable type of sensory input for calming and organizing our children’s central nervous system. This free resource will serve as a quick reference sheet of fun and engaging proprioceptive activities you can do within the walls of your own home.

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